Saturday, July 30, 2011

Make up Section make over

Hey ladies its Friday !!! so out of nowhere this week I said to myself that's it I'm changing my make section like I just think of something and I have to do it !!! so this was the original disaster that everything was all piled up my jewelry hair products and make up
So first off I had to get this ugly looking shelf thing out of here and change the wall color I was thinking of white to open the space ...
SO that's what I did ...about this time I knew I had gone way over my head this was going to be a bigger project then expected hahah .

I had to involved my closet now let me tell you my house is small but one of my rooms in my little house was transformed into a closet couple years of go to supply me and my shopping addiction a retreat  to showcase all my gems lol here's the picture when it was just done

so obviously I out grow this now looking where the hell where my shoes lol
 then I bought this little guy and it wasn't enough , I was like the old lady that lived in a shoe that's how I felt !!
 so as you see this middle table here was doing nothing just laying there so I put it to work I made it my make up desk !!! and it fit perfect  and I come up with this amazing idea to move my shelf toward to middle so I can have access on both sides check it it out

back side

So it was a total win I took the back off the shelves and a placed shoes on both sides !!! and had room for one little shelf for the hubs!! and a little sitting area and a jewelry and purse section
it was just getting better and better I go these storage bins form Ikea and made a little jewelry section featuring my two CL shoes that I have I have to show you  my new pair on another post   !! anyways and some purses  not all of them some are on the top in there boxes .
so after doing the closet it was time to start... what was the first thing that started all this the make up section I painted it Ivory and boy did it blow up the section.
I had shelves that had to placed so the handy hubs got it done thank you honey bunz

so the following pictures lay back and enjoy my extreme hard work 

hope you liked it ladies sorry its such a long post thanks for stopping by if question let me know love to know what you guys think !! 

Yours Truly ,