Thursday, April 21, 2011

Oh' little Chandelier

So do I have a treat for you today , a chandelier with out dealing with electric or making holes in the wall . Yes it's all the effects in just minutes .
Wall accents 
Came with rhinestones !!!
There number stickers , I mean it can't get easier then this

I found a corner in my house that had nothing going other then some vinyl records so I thought it would be the perfect spot .

NOTE :When you looking for a spot make sure that there's enough light so the rhinestones can be noticed .
The handy Hubster put this one up, he has the height and it's only stickers so he couldn't complain 
You place number one on top then 2, 3 go on the side .
Here's the spot I chose to put it ... it has enough light and the contrast of the wall paper goes well

front view
Here's the little gems that you place after its all up
you place them in the circles as shown on the packaging

How cool is this !!! for 12.00 you have a awesome piece to feel chic and glamorous with
Hope you liked it , let me know what you think talk to you all soon !!!

New lamp for office space goes with the green I'm incorporating

"with a small space ,dreams have to be big "

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Call me the spray can Queen !!!

Hey ladies I have another project for you today !!! I got this mirror at a vintage shop last week for 10 bucks it was such a steal I didn't have cash on me so I had to go back .I went and it was still there it was this Gold paint and the back wasn't doing so good . So I took of the mirror and decided to paint it white to go in my new office .
I gave it a good old soap and water run down , after dyed it and primer went on , left to dry couple hours and painted it white

The detail on the mirror just jumps out now . You can really appreciate the frame work I love it .
Look at this beauty for ten bucks you can't bet it !!! I'm in love with it I'm fixing the mirror I'll show the finish project when the office is done !!~!

Speaking of office , there has been some changes in the hole thing , Went today with the constructor and not only are we changing the doors but now we are adding a window .
OK you see the metal decoration ...well on that wall there's going to be a nice window for more light and fresh air in the office section . So that means drapes for sure !!! so now I'm in the search for some cool drapes . Also I'm picking out the color for this space these are the colors I'm going for
which one is your favorite would love to know , keep in mind the tile on the floor I'm having a hard time to decided o_o

with flash so daylight color

light purple ( Mystic Fairy ), nude color( Venetain Mask )light green (Pale Cucumber) light beige (cafe Cream

No flash so night color

SO hard to decided I'm liking the green and the cafe cream I think purple doesn't go at all but in a way it works ekkkkk so let me know what you think

here's my inspiration from Pinterest

" to be inspired , takes inspiration "

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Making a art piece

Hey guys so I have a great project to show you , My mother was throwing this frame away that I literally died when she gave it me its so pretty to my mother it was junk to me was a master  piece
So here it is just a frame that needed some TLC , so I'm using this in my new office space I wanted to paint it something different something that will pop so I went with this green color  spray paint
each bottle was 3.95 I got a primer and a line green , since this frame had allot of old color I had to primer it first . make sure you spray away from the frame so you avoid any drips on the frame I primed it and left it over night .
I was already looking stunning with just primer

Next day color went on
I just Loved it 
Its so bright and happy
So next I had a idea to frame it with this pretty purple fabric I had ...
I laid out the fabric and glued it with a glue gun and cut the edges

the final  look here it comes are you ready ....


I know I know its strange but it works , and its going to work in the office space tell me what you think would love to know !!!

here's some inspiration pictures I got from pinterrest , so you can get a idea on how its going to look

"Inspiration calls to be inspired "

Saturday, April 16, 2011

New project Office space

Hello to all  my new followers thanks for stopping by I wanted to share with you guys my newest project my new office . I had the idea in a office for future things that I have in mind so I need a great desk to do great things here's the place now .
 Yeah its not ideal for blogging now its a little corner of my house that isn't functional   this chest for my computer  I had less space before !! the lamp is way to big for that little space and I'm buying a new computer a Apple desk top .

So step one !
I'm having a constructor come Monday to change the front door to a glass door and for it to open the other way .

the door to my right I'm having it removed and changed to open towards my room its the restroom door so now my bedroom room will have its own restroom , really excited about that

So that leaves me with this entire corner to work with !!!

I have so many plans with this small space, make it more inviting and have a great office corner . Main colors that I'm  working  with is white, lime green , purple to tie in the accents pieces from the living room
I'm in the search for a white desk with some white shelving if any idea please let me know .

I'm going to be doing allot of hands on projects that I will share as I do them , for this office space excited for you ladies to see the outcome can't wait but I know I have to be patient, Hate that about me I want everything done yesterday hahahah

till next post I leave you with some ideas I have in mind

Why hello there

Hey Anyone out there ... Its curves ahead .... Hey thanks for stopping  by my new blog !!! as you all know my love for high heels and make up I also have something else that makes my heart race. Home decoration OMG I love decoration and adding lots of love to my little house . I say Love for that's what it is LOVE the more you make your house inviting the more you feel happy when your home you feel excited to be home . That's what I made for my family the Hubs and I , a little retreat to come home to after a long days work.

In this Blog I will show you Ideas , inspirations, new projects, vintage finds  and all of the above would love to meet  fellow house decorators and any question or things you would like  for me to show you in my post. I would love to know . SO excited to show you my Little house and the projects !!!

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