Monday, May 16, 2011

Elbow grease

Hey you guys !! so I've been off my blog for a second, but my office stressed me out so much and I've been enjoying it so much I was on deco rehab I swear. But I did want to share some project I did with my office so I can wrap  it up and move on to the bathroom yes you heard right the bathroom !!! can't wait I'm thinking HOT PINK  !!!

so here's a easy way to not over spend on cute deco pieces all you need is some imagination
I thought these vases where so cute but not liking that ugly brown
Doesn't look like anyone else liked them to on clearance for 2 bucks
Nothing some spray paint can't fix ... actually I don't even know if this was the right spray can but this is what  I had at hand . I went with white since there white anyways

Nothing like a new paint job  they look awesome right !!!
In the space perfect right and for 4 bucks you can't bet it

SO next was my desk this was a challenge I knew what I wanted but wasn't finding it anywhere , so when your looking for a particular thing widen you search . Craig list , ebay , yard sales what ever it takes to find what you want . Well I found my desk on Craig list at a local store / thrift shop / antique store . SO antique stores scare me honestly everything really old and very expensive so I was kinda unsure but we went anyways.
And there it was a solid wood white desk with the perfect drawers and perfect handles  but did need a repaint so I bought it for 200 bucks which it was a bit high but perfect at the same time . I knew I couldn't find it anywhere else . And I drove all the way to West Hollywood so why not 

 Here's the desk as you can see it was brown and one time but they painted it white and missed allot of spots 
 SO I started I took out the drawers
And the hard ware
got special wood paint ,no its not green the tray was green from the last paint a roll brush and a regular painter brush .
I did it all and got all these black corners

then placed the drawers and didn't close them they can get stuck if the paint is  wet ekkk
 and now just waited for it to dry this paint is strong so wear a face mask !!! you don't want to pass out lol
And there you have a brand new desk with a classic feel , I put so much work in this desk because this is what I had pictured for the space . So if you want something you have to work hard for it and that was the case here  !!!

and you guys saw this picture already , but here's the finish desk look 

 So that finishes the office  I have so many new ideas stay tune folks

" nothing like a little elbow grease "


  1. I love this post. I'm a person who also loves to take the old and vamp it a little. I have an old Sewing Machine Desk that I'm using as a computer desk. Great reuse ideas and the office turned out fab.

    - Christina Leilani

  2. oh my goodness! how beautiful. i always get so excited when i see that red sticker in marshalls hehe ;)

  3. I like how you painted those vases white! I usually find beauty in odd things nobody else wants either! Beauty that isn't obvious is so much more interesting.

  4. cool!

    xoxo from rome

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  6. Wow, you really have talent! I like how you turn the desk into something completely trendy and classy. And those vases are great decoration. Amazing creativity...


  7. wow!! This is so amazing!! I love it!!!