Monday, May 2, 2011


Hey wow 12 followers that's awesome thanks for coming by and do I have tons to share with you !!! I've been absent for a while do to construction going on at my house for my office =) and in which I realized that I have some serious OCD my house messy = a very bad mood . So I did my best and went threw it

So what first came up was the window
really enjoying the view of my garden and the spring breeze its awesome !!!

SO next was the blocking of the bathroom door and the opening of the B door threw my room . That way I had a full wall to work with ...

feels like a new bathroom !!! now my room has its own B room love it  that's my next project the B room but "one thing at a time candy" , that's the hubs talking lolol
So they patched everything and this white wall was just screaming to get painted
So the paint color was a bit tricky , all the selection you have when you choosing paint color is a bit over whelming so
# tip grab three of your favorite colors and narrow it done to your favorite don't go back and fourth you'll never decide
I was going for either a nice cool green or a light pretty purple I had a base color which was white . I wanted to incorporate the accent color from my living room into the office since the space was so close to each other. So that was green and purple .
So I know I wanted lime green since the frame I painted but wasn't sure if the colors would go ... but  I just went for it 
I made sure to paint just the two walls to divided the space . I loved this color  its feels so fresh  and so clean  !!! I still wasn't sure of the lime green or the purple drapes  I bought . There was a lot of time taken just looking at this space and imagining what I had planned for it . I had to be sure that the next step I wasn't going to regret !!!
I'll do another post on the reveal that I was so excited about that I posted on Curves make up but I wanted to share the thought and hands on work that was put into my office space . SO if your in the same boat  maybe these step can help you .

Well till next time for the big reveal  !!!


I was bugging out hahah

" if there's a mess , just clean it "

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