Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The greatest place !!!

SO hello there thanks for stopping by !!! I have the finish project the office is completed let the office speak for it's self 
I couldn't wait for the paint to dry to put this frame it looked to plain with the fabric so I went with the mirror inside makes it look like art 
So here's where the purple came in the drapes I placed them all the way till the top to make the illusion of a taller ceiling
I needed shelves since it was going to be a office, I got these two white shelves and complemented the frame and the mirror !!! I used the hole wall that we worked so hard for =)
So I had brought lime green and purple accessorizes for the shelves I had more green then purple so the purple really stood out !!! I didn't want to over clutter the shelves to I kept it to a minimum ...

I added the rug that I had before I didn't think it worked but it did it fit perfectly 
Then I got this antique desk , that I refinished that I will show you on another post 
and I got this very cool mag  rack form Ikea  love it
This is also a chair that I refinished that I 'll show you guys
All the pieces came together  and here it !!! my office

was allot of hard work !!! but look at this space I must say I'm totally showing off hahah I just love it and I'm very blessed to had the opportunity to have this done my Hubs and my dad helped so much love them and thank you so much 

So here's the before 

and the after 

perfection ...

so what do you think ...
would love to know ...

PS - still missing a new ceiling lamp and to  change my front door so stay tuned folks its going to be fun =)

                                                " bring in the colors from the outside ,to brighten your day "


  1. Nice job girl! The desk is gorgeous! Love the colors you picked out too... purple is my favorite! ;-)

    Happy Wednesday! xo

  2. You did such an awesome job!! I definitely need to re-do my office, very inspirational!

  3. WOW...lady 'STUNNING' soooo beautiful!!! who wouldn't want to work in such Fabulous office. Great job doll as always


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