Thursday, April 21, 2011

Oh' little Chandelier

So do I have a treat for you today , a chandelier with out dealing with electric or making holes in the wall . Yes it's all the effects in just minutes .
Wall accents 
Came with rhinestones !!!
There number stickers , I mean it can't get easier then this

I found a corner in my house that had nothing going other then some vinyl records so I thought it would be the perfect spot .

NOTE :When you looking for a spot make sure that there's enough light so the rhinestones can be noticed .
The handy Hubster put this one up, he has the height and it's only stickers so he couldn't complain 
You place number one on top then 2, 3 go on the side .
Here's the spot I chose to put it ... it has enough light and the contrast of the wall paper goes well

front view
Here's the little gems that you place after its all up
you place them in the circles as shown on the packaging

How cool is this !!! for 12.00 you have a awesome piece to feel chic and glamorous with
Hope you liked it , let me know what you think talk to you all soon !!!

New lamp for office space goes with the green I'm incorporating

"with a small space ,dreams have to be big "


  1. where is the "chandelier" from? love it

  2. How nice! I love this home inspired blog too.

  3. i LOOOVEEE the chandelier! Where can I get one?

  4. looks so cool!

    xoxo from rome
    (there's a GIVE_AWAY)

  5. Aw what a cute little cozy corner! Love that you added the glitz and glam to something so kitschy...fabulous touch hun! Great job!


    Haute Khuuture Blog

  6. Girl I love it .. Have the exact same chandelier and always get compliments..


  7. that is a great idea! My bf would love this.. because I wont be spending for the real thing..hehehe--

    very comfortable spot! ^__^