Saturday, April 16, 2011

New project Office space

Hello to all  my new followers thanks for stopping by I wanted to share with you guys my newest project my new office . I had the idea in a office for future things that I have in mind so I need a great desk to do great things here's the place now .
 Yeah its not ideal for blogging now its a little corner of my house that isn't functional   this chest for my computer  I had less space before !! the lamp is way to big for that little space and I'm buying a new computer a Apple desk top .

So step one !
I'm having a constructor come Monday to change the front door to a glass door and for it to open the other way .

the door to my right I'm having it removed and changed to open towards my room its the restroom door so now my bedroom room will have its own restroom , really excited about that

So that leaves me with this entire corner to work with !!!

I have so many plans with this small space, make it more inviting and have a great office corner . Main colors that I'm  working  with is white, lime green , purple to tie in the accents pieces from the living room
I'm in the search for a white desk with some white shelving if any idea please let me know .

I'm going to be doing allot of hands on projects that I will share as I do them , for this office space excited for you ladies to see the outcome can't wait but I know I have to be patient, Hate that about me I want everything done yesterday hahahah

till next post I leave you with some ideas I have in mind

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  1. oh! that is very nice space! I love having my own space as well..^_^ it is good for my zen...^-^