Sunday, April 17, 2011

Making a art piece

Hey guys so I have a great project to show you , My mother was throwing this frame away that I literally died when she gave it me its so pretty to my mother it was junk to me was a master  piece
So here it is just a frame that needed some TLC , so I'm using this in my new office space I wanted to paint it something different something that will pop so I went with this green color  spray paint
each bottle was 3.95 I got a primer and a line green , since this frame had allot of old color I had to primer it first . make sure you spray away from the frame so you avoid any drips on the frame I primed it and left it over night .
I was already looking stunning with just primer

Next day color went on
I just Loved it 
Its so bright and happy
So next I had a idea to frame it with this pretty purple fabric I had ...
I laid out the fabric and glued it with a glue gun and cut the edges

the final  look here it comes are you ready ....


I know I know its strange but it works , and its going to work in the office space tell me what you think would love to know !!!

here's some inspiration pictures I got from pinterrest , so you can get a idea on how its going to look

"Inspiration calls to be inspired "


  1. I love it specially the crash of color the lime green with deep purple.. genius love!! Great project idea..thx for the tips.