Saturday, April 16, 2011

Why hello there

Hey Anyone out there ... Its curves ahead .... Hey thanks for stopping  by my new blog !!! as you all know my love for high heels and make up I also have something else that makes my heart race. Home decoration OMG I love decoration and adding lots of love to my little house . I say Love for that's what it is LOVE the more you make your house inviting the more you feel happy when your home you feel excited to be home . That's what I made for my family the Hubs and I , a little retreat to come home to after a long days work.

In this Blog I will show you Ideas , inspirations, new projects, vintage finds  and all of the above would love to meet  fellow house decorators and any question or things you would like  for me to show you in my post. I would love to know . SO excited to show you my Little house and the projects !!!

Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to follow xoxoxo

so take a seat grab a cupcake and enjoy your day


  1. got the cupcake n waiting :P

  2. Got my cupcake too...and impatiently waiting..Congrats girl on your new blog just know is going to be Amazing and Fabulous like you.


  3. So glad you decided to blog about home decorating. Thats one of my passions also! Your blog has to be my number one favorite. I feel so great after I read every entry.